A Taste of Trafford: Altrincham Market

This Sunday I headed to Altrincham Market for A Taste of Trafford. This is an annual festival celebrating the food and flavours of local businesses. Held at Altrincham’s covered historic marketplace the festival included hot ready-to-eat dishes, deli produce, as well as cakes and desserts. The place was bustling with people when I arrive around midday and smelt great!


The first thing I noticed was La Rioja’s chicken and chorizo paella. They also had other Spanish delights on offer such a calamari, meatballs and chicken kebabs. The food looked really fresh.


I ended up opting for La Vina‘s chicken and chorizo paella (photo above is while it was still being prepared) as they were offering paella and a glass of sangria for £4 – and I can’t resist a good bargain! The paella was delicious, moist and full of flavour. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am planning on visiting their restaurant on Deansgate soon.




My friend went for The Farmer’s Wife‘s pork meatballs in a tomato sauce. I had a bite and they were very tasty. The business supports British farmers who keep pigs in the traditional way and they also had pork burgers on offer as well as sausages for the kids. The dish on the left is tuscan bean stew.


Pies are so traditionally British it was interesting to see that The Real Thai Pie Company add Asian flavour to the dish.



Dozo Sushi (07877048634) had delicious chow mein, siu mai and steamed pork buns on on offer. The food was fantastic quality – not your typical Chinese takeaway. They also offer Sushi Workshops.


I saw End of the Rainbow cupcakes at Eccles Farmer’s Market last week and mentioned them in my review. There were a lot more flavours on offer today and I thought the cupcakes were better presented. These cupcakes are also an absolute bargain at only £1 each. My friend bought four in a variety of flavours and was equally as impressed as I am with the generous application of buttercream!


I thoroughly enjoyed my toblerone brownie from Lush Brownies. I wish I had taken advantage of the four for £5 offer, but by the time I tucked in I had left the market. Very very good brownies, light, moist and super tasty! Will be searching these out again at another market soon.


I wanted to eat pretty much all of Vanillis Cafe‘s stall! The desserts and cakes looked amazing. I’m ashamed to admit but I forgot about these guys on my second walk round. (I did a browse, then went back round to buy.) When I saw this photo my heart dropped as I wanted to buy this chocolate mousse things that looked fantastic. Next time!


I saw Dough It Yourself at Westfest (see my review here) and made the terrible mistake of not trying their pizza because I was really full at the time. This time however I gobbled up a couple of slices and was immediately converted. Their pizza bases are fantastic. Perfectly crispy and light. Me and my friend both bought two bases and a pot of sauce for £5. I’ve put them in the freezer for now but will be cracking them out at the weekend and getting creative with my toppings!


The Pate & Wine Company had some great pate’s including duck & gin, and smoked mackerel. I was really impressed with the flavour but the pots were quite big for just me and also a little more pricey than I was willing to pay. Would be great for a family though.


Mininki’s Kitchen make pesto (basil, coriander & tomato) as well as the Turkish bread pictured above, biscuits and chilli jam. My friend really liked the chilli jam. The pesto was really good, full of flavour and very fresh. Pesto is quite simple to make yourself, but if you aren’t inclined to make your own, Mininki’s would be a great alternative.


And finally I have to finish with the fabulous The French Corner. The photos say it all really. Fresh, crusty, golden bread. Their products are handmade by highly trained French bakers. The queue for this stall was rather lengthy but worth the wait! The lady ahead of me bought 10 pastries (croissants and pain du chocolats). My friend got a Marguerite loaf, and I chose an Onion loaf that I ate some of in the evening dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Yummy!

Other businesses deserving a mention are Dilli Indian Food, Love Thai Cuisine, and Cacao & Co Luxury Chocolates.

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  1. All the food looks amazing but the bread…it's made me hungry just looking at the pics! I'll defo be coming to this next year. First stop – The Farmers Wife. Can't beat good pig!

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