Absinthe Cupcakes

As I have my love of baking, my boyfriend has a love of alcohol. He loves trying new drinks, he often flavours gin and vodka with fruit blends as gifts for friends and family, and has imported special spirits from abroad before. He made a Werther’s Original flavour vodka recently that was beyond delicious! When we went to Portugal in April he was excited to find a range of high strength absinthe for very low prices. For a house party recently I decided to combine my love of baking with his love of alcohol and make these potent cupcakes!

The absinthe I used was an 80% volume one (160 proof) in a lovely blue colour.

I made the sponge by creaming together 130g caster sugar and 130g butter. I then mixed in 2 eggs, and one shot of absinthe. It made the mixture go green! Finally I folded in 130g self raising flour.

I baked the cupcakes on 180C/350F/Gas Mark 4 for 20 minutes.

I made the buttercream using 340g icing sugar, 150g butter and about 2/3 of a shot of absinthe. Again I got a great green colour! I didn’t have my piping bag with me, so I used a spoon to smooth the buttercream on. I then added half a glace cherry for decoration as I thought the red went well with the pale green.

The cupcakes were really fluffy and light, with just the right amount of aniseed flavour from the absinthe. The perfect party treat! Absinthe is traditionally poured through a sugar cube, so this is the ultimate sugar cube for the drink to be mixed with. Would you dare to try an absinthe cupcake?!

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  1. I've never tried absinthe as I'm not the biggest aniseed fan, however any form of alcoholic cupcake is fine by me! I bet they went down a real treat! x

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