Clandestine Cake Club: ‘Over The Rainbow’ Cake

The theme for this month’s Clandestine Cake Club was ‘Musical Celebrations’. I have to admit this baffled me for a while, so I waited till other people submitted their ideas to figure out what it meant! Turns out it meant songs, bands, singers or musicals. I chose the song ‘Over the Rainbow’ from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ for the theme of my cake after reading a list of 100 greatest musicals on IMDB.

I bought myself a lovely bundt pan from ebay. I have never made a bundt before, and I was quite worried about it sticking to the tin so I greased it up really well with butter and sprinkled it with flour.


I decided to do a simple vanilla sponge to contrast the brightness of my decoration. I mixed together 125g butter and 180g caster sugar in my electric mixer.
I added two beaten eggs and 1 tsp vanilla extract.
I then added 180g self raising flour and 150g soured cream, and popped the mixture into my thoroughly greased bundt tin.

I baked it on 175C/350F/Gas Mark 4 for 30 minutes. This was possibly a tad too long, but to be fair it’s hard to tell when your cake is upside down! I thought it looked pretty good without any decoration, I will definitely be making another more simple bundt cake with this tin.

To get the rainbow arch shape, I chopped off the bottom of the cake, about two thirds down. This also gave me a good opportunity to taste the sponge, and it was very delicious and vanillery!

I started making icing and piping it on for all the colours of the rainbow. I guessed the measurements, and used about 60g butter and 120g icing sugar for the red and orange, then around 40g butter and 80g icing sugar for the other colours. I also added a dollop of cream cheese to each colour. This is very time consuming, but worth it!

I used Sugarflair colours to achieve the bright results of my rainbow. These food colourings are the best. They are strong, so you only need a little bit, and they don’t affect your icing’s flavour or consistency. I used Christmas Red, Melon (Yellow), Tangerine/Apricot (Orange), Mint Green, Ice Blue and Grape Violet (Purple). I got mine off ebay as they were pretty cheap and the seller was offering a good deal.


The icing was finally done! I also used some blue cut-offs from my piping bags to create a blue sky behind my rainbow. A blue cake board would look a lot better, but this was a last minute decision!

For the ‘clouds’ I whipped up a pot of cream and dollopped it at the end of the rainbow cake, then dotted mini white marshmallows all over.

And the cake was done! I was very pleased with the final result!


And off to cake club I went…

Stacey & Emily’s Chocolate & Orange ‘Simba’s Pride Cake’, delicious and moist, one of my favourites!

Hayley’s ‘Carrot & Wonderwal-nut Cake’. Sadly I don’t like carrots or walnuts, but Stacey tried some and said it was the best carrot cake she’d ever had.

Steph’s ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’ cake, this was a chocolate overload – in a good way!

Elly’s ‘Beatles Strawberry Fields Cake’, sadly I didn’t try any of this either, but it looks great!

Emily’s ‘Coconut & Lime Cake’. I love this song and I loved this cake!

Emma’s ‘Happy Birthday Custard Celebration Cake’ – it was Emma our host’s birthday this month!

Lynette’s ‘Austrain Apple Sounds Of Music Cake’, I think the nun decorations on this and the bow look fab!

Vicki’s ‘I Can Sing A Rainbow Cake’. This looked stunning and tasted really good too, I definitely understood the hard work that went into this cake!

Beth’s ‘Yellow Brick Road Cake’, using Caramac for the yellow brick road – genius!!

Diane’s ‘The Bell’s Of St. Clements’ Cake’, brilliant presentation and delicious orange flavour.

Another successful, fun and delicious Clandestine Cake Club! Also some very exciting news…a woman walking past asked me to make two of the rainbow cake for her daughter’s birthday. I am so excited about it! I never thought cake club would lead to anything like that!

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