Fondant Fancies


This is another recipe from my Clothes Swapping/Afternoon Tea party last weekend. I love having people round and hosting parties, although I have to admit I do get a bit stressed out worrying if there will be enough food, if everything looks good and tastes nice, and that my house is clean and tidy! Of course it always turns out ok! But didn’t stop me from getting up around 8am on the morning of my party with these very worries! I flicked through one of my recipe books to find something quick I could make with the ingredients I had at home and decided to make these cute pink Fondant Fancies!

I started by lining a square cake tin. I used the same tin that I made brownies in the other week. This tin is going to turn out to be a great baking purchase.

In a bowl mix 175g butter and 175g caster sugar. In a separate bowl beat 3 eggs and add 1 tsp. vanilla extract.

Measure out 175g self raising flour. Add a little of the egg mixture into the butter and sugar, along with one tablespoon of the flour and mix well. Continue adding more of the egg mixture, mixing in well each time. Finally add the rest of the flour, along with 2 tbsp. milk and mix thoroughly.


I put the mixture into the tin and baked on 190C/375F/Gas 5 for about 25 minutes. It will be golden all over when ready.

I left it to cool on a rack, then cut the sponge into small squares. I ended up with about 30 squares.

I put jam (St. Dalfour raspberry again, as mentioned in my Victoria Sponge Cupcake post!) on half of the squares.

I then sandwiched on top the other sponge square and put a chopping board underneath the cooling rack as it was about to get messy!

For the icing I mixed the juice of half a lemon with 60ml hot water and poured into 450g of icing sugar, mixing well. I’ve never added fruit juice to icing before, it adds a really nice flavour to the icing and I’ll definitely be doing it again and experimenting with different fruits. I added a few drops of pink food colouring, and mixed again.

Then I poured the icing over the sandwiched squares, suffice to say there was pink icing everywhere! I kept scooping icing up and pouring it over again to cover as much of the sponge as I could.

For the final finishing touch I used these sugar pearls. I put one of each colour on top in a triangle shape. You can use anything you want to decorate the top of these. But I would recommend something small and delicate for the best effect.


I put them in some pretty floral cake cases to serve. These are very girly treats! You could also cover them in chocolate, or put buttercream in the middle instead of or as well as jam. Or make them a bit more manly with different coloured icing and decorations. Experiment and enjoy! Let me know if you try these out 🙂

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