Hey Little Cupcake: Decorating Class

Hey Little Cupcake! is a fabulous, bright and colourful little cupcakery tucked away in Manchester city centre just off Deansgate. It was my birthday about 2 months ago and I decided to book myself onto their cupcake decorating class with some of my birthday money. As the classes are so popular I wasn’t able to get a space until this week. But it was worth the wait!

I was offered a complimentary drink on arrival, and had my own work station and pink polka dot apron to wear. It was definitely a very girly experience! The class began with making some sugarpaste flowers, leaves and other shapes of our choice for putting on the cupcakes later. It was fun experimenting with the different cutters and playing with the sugarpaste. I’ve never used it before but I can see my interest developing after this class! We also got taught how to make buttercream and learnt some tips on getting the right consistencies and flavouring the buttercream with different things.

The first cupcake we made was the Cookie Monster! I’ve seen this done before with blue icing, or blue sprinkles. This one is made with coconut flakes that have been dyed blue. He makes me chuckle everytime I look at him!


The second cupcake we made was this ‘Paris’ cupcake using strawberry flavoured pink buttercream. The nozzle we used is called a closed flower nozzle which created very thin delicate layers of buttercream.

This Oreo cupcake has an Oreo biscuit baked into the cupcake sponge. You can just seen it peeking out at the left under the vanilla buttercream. The nozzle for this was just a simple circular one. I found this quite hard to get neat and had to start over with this as I wasn’t happy with my first try.

This nozzle with lots of holes in created this brilliant grass effect! You can also use it to create the effect of hair. This was easy and fun to pipe and I overloaded the cake with all my sugarpaste decorations!

This cupcake is called the ‘Viva Las Vegas’. I went a bit wild with my chocolate buttercream on this one and piled it slightly higher than I perhaps should have. We were told that the cupcake used to be covered in cupcake glitter, but this had to be changed because cupcake glitter is not technically edible and so the food standards people weren’t happy with it being served. It is non-toxic though I am happy to report, so if you still want to use cupcake glitter on your creations, you can. I’ve eaten it before and lived to tell the tale! You can also buy the glitter at Hey Little Cupcake!

Finally my proudest moment – my rose! I did this with my first try and I’m so pleased with the effect, it looks fantastic! Don’t think I can bring myself to eat this! The icing comes out in very thin layers using the nozzle above and you pipe from the centre outwards.

I had so much fun at the cupcake class. If you’re interested in attending one they cost £35 and you’re there for about 2 hours, you get a complimentary drink, and to take all the cupcakes you decorate home. Plus the staff are lovely, are happy to answer questions and have lots of knowledge. They also sell most of the products we used during the class in the cupcakery if you want to take what you’ve learnt home. Sugarpaste specific decorating classes are also available as well as jam making classes. Check out their website: http://www.heylittlecupcake.co.uk/

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