Monster Cupcakes

When I got offered the opportunity to review one of The Cake Decorating Store‘s products, I was spoilt for choice! Their website has a massive variety of products to add cute, fun and fabulous finishes to your baking creations. They have recently launched a range of Monster themed decorations so I decided to try them out and soon I received a pack of 12 Monsters in the post!

These little decorations are perfect for someone like me who is fine with baking, but who the decorating and making things look pretty part comes a little less naturally to. I neither have the skills, tools or patience to make sugar decorations! I’d much rather spend a couple of quid and have some ready made ones sent to me. These Monster Sugar Decorations are only £2.59!

Seen as the decorations were monster themed, I decided to make the cupcakes colourful and crazy – just like monsters are! I did a simple sponge by mixing together 160g caster sugar, 160g butter, 2 eggs and 160g self raising flour. I separated it and added some food colouring, then mixed the colours together in the paper cases.

 I baked them on 350F/180C/Gas Mark 4 for about 20 minutes.

This also gave me a great opportunity to use my Lakeland Duo Colour Icing Kit! This fab piping bag is split in two so you can use two different types and colours of buttercream for a variety of different effects depending on which of the six nozzles provided you use.

It was really easy to use and created this great, fun and pretty effect on the cupcakes! I will definitely be using this again!

I added a monster to each cupcake, and tucked in! Sometimes with decorations like this the taste can be strange, but I am pleased to report these melted in my mouth and tasted sugary and sweet! I took the remaining cupcakes into work for my colleagues to enjoy. They all really loved the Monster Cupcakes!

The colours are eye catching and the monster decorations are fun and
quirky. These would be perfect for a kids party, I can just imagine kids
loving the colours and the crazy monsters! They would also be great for
Halloween, for a real spooky effect! This has encouraged me to try more decorations on my cupcakes and cakes and it’s definitely an option I’ll consider more in the future as now I know how easy it is to get ready made ones for very reasonable prices!

NB. I was sent the monster decorations to review, all views are my own. I was given the Lakeland piping kit in a press pack, but had wanted one for ages, again all views are my own.

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