My Baking Past

I wanted to write a post to introduce myself and talk a bit about my baking experience, share some old photos, and explain my baking habits and why I’m so passionate about baking! So here it is…

Let’s be clear – I am an amateur baker. I am still learning and I know I have a long way to go to reach the heights of even other amateur bakers. But I do this for fun and because I love it. Baking is one of the main things I think about day-in, day-out, I am a little bit obsessed!

Above is the earliest photo I could find (from 2007) of something I baked. It’s safe to say documenting my culinary work is not something I have done until recently. I have always enjoyed making things ever since Home Economics (now called Food Technology) at school. In particular fun and creative baking is what I enjoy the most.

I made these reindeer cupcakes in December 2010 after seeing the idea in a Morrison’s magazine. Something like this is really fun as it gets a great reaction from people. Why do a plain chocolate cupcake when you can put Rudolph’s face on it instead?!

I remember trying pumpkin pie from a school friend’s mum who was American. I must have been about 9 years old. I have always remembered how good it tasted. After much searching round supermarkets for canned pumpkin without success, I found the technique for making the pumpkin puree from scratch. In 2010 I created the above pumpkin pie and I was extremely pleased with the results!

Showing off my 2011 Halloween pumpkin pie! I used ready made frozen pastry and had some severe problems with it, ending up with a big hole the bottom of my pie. It didn’t happen the year before so I was confused. My baking is not without trauma, I regularly experience problems and have to improvise! Or the problems happen because of my improvising!

And mini pumpkin pie tarts I made with leftover mixture. I was determined my pumpkin puree would not go to waste! It is hard work and time consuming turning a large pumpkin into soft bake-able puree. But totally worth it for this delicious sweet pie.

Easter 2011 and a variation on the reindeer cakes provided me with these super cute bunny rabbit cupcakes. I had some trouble with my icing on these as you can probably tell!! Icing is a problem for me, I always make it too ‘wet’ – it’s something I am working on correcting.

Not exactly baking…but I couldn’t resist making my own Easter eggs from silicone moulds! Of course I had to add the extra twist of mixing two types of chocolate!

My housemates loved these chocolate orange cakes! I live with 5 people at the moment and they are the continued lucky recipients of my baking experiments. I remember getting a lot of praise for these earlier this year. Definitely a huge success.

Banoffee pie – this is the most simple thing I have ever made but creates the most delicious results! My first time doing a biscuit base. You will notice that the majority of things I make are for the first time! I rarely repeat my recipes, trying new things is just too exciting to resist!

Foccacia bread was my first ever time baking bread! I made it too thick and the middle bottom part of the loaf was still dough. It was a shame, as it looks so perfectly golden on top. But the cooked parts tasted really good, and dough or not, it all got eaten!

‘Burger’ cupcakes. A friend of mine went to Iceland and took a photo of this fabulous idea. I searched the Internet and found several recipes and variations. In the end I came up with the above, a vanilla cupcake for the ‘bun’, chocolate brownie for the ‘burger’, coloured butter cream for the ‘cheese and lettuce’, and finally a sprinkling of sesame seeds creates the burger effect. Some people were rather confused when they took their first bite!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my baking past and seeing what I have unsuccessfully and successfully made before. If you would like recipes for any of the above leave a comment and let me know!

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