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Sugar & Crumbs is a baking supplies and cake decorating web store. They contacted me recently asking if I’d like to review some of their products, of course I agreed! The lovely Joy sent me their Banana Split Flavoured Icing Sugar and Strawberry Delight Flavoured Icing Sugar, pictured above and below.




I was excited to try them out as I have never tried ready-flavoured icing sugar. I’ve added cocoa powder to icing before, and vanilla extract, like most regular bakers. I know you can add strawberry flavouring to icing, but it’s quite hard to find from what I’ve heard. I think these ready-flavoured icing sugars make things so much easier!


I whipped up some vanilla sponge cupcakes and once they were cool I was ready to ice them.



I mixed up both the icing sugars with some butter and added a few drops of yellow food colouring to the Banana Split flavour, and a few drops of pink food colouring to the Strawberry Delight flavour. The icing sugar’s are both white, so you can make them without any food colouring to surprise your friends and family!

The first thing that hit me when mixing the icing sugar was the smell. They smelt so good! It was like being in a sweet shop. And I love sweets! I think the smell makes you want to eat it, but it could give away the surprise of the flavour if you leave the icing white.


I tasted the Banana Split flavour first, it tasted yummy. It reminded me of those banana shaped sweets you can get in pick ‘n’ mix. The Strawberry Split flavour was next and again it was very delicious. It reminded me of strawberry milkshake. They both tasted more like banana and strawberry sweets rather than the fruits.


The icing sugar is very sweet when tasted alone, but on a cupcake it isn’t over powering at all. I really enjoyed the banana split iced cupcake I ate!


You can do a lot more with this icing sugar than just buttercream. You can make flavoured meringues, chantilly cream and royal icing with it. The icing is also available in orange and vanilla flavours. I also think it’s pretty good value, only £3.70 for 500g. It’s a special treat and an interesting twist to add to your baking!


I took some of the cupcakes into work and here are some of the comments I got:

had a strawberry one! The icing was really nice, lots of flavour and a
nice colour; quite creamy in texture. Was yummy for breakfast
“Strawberry icing tasted lovely. Not too sweet and nice and thick.”
“The [banana] icing was very nice it has lots of flavour. It was a really creamy smooth texture.”

If you would like to visit Sugar & Crumbs web store click here.

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  1. Very nice! And takes the pain out of having to use essence and get the flavor juuuuussstt right 🙂 Thank you for sharing the link.

    *waves hello* from a new follower, Hazel x

  2. Hi Kate

    Sadly we can no longer get the Sugar and Crumbs products, just wondered whether you were aware that Joy is no longer trading. Check out her twitter if you need more information. I really hope she comes back, just loved all of it. Great blog by the way!

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