Raspberry & White Chocolate Blondies


This recipe was recommended to me by Slice of Barnes and is from BBC Good Food. It’s a delicious and simple recipe that’s easy to put together on a Sunday afternoon – which is exactly what I did.

You start by lining a square tin with baking paper. I’ve never made brownies or blondies before so I didn’t have a square tin, I went to Asda and purchased a roasting tin for 98p which worked just fine!

Melt 200g butter in a pan on a low heat. I love doing this! Look how golden and shimmery the butter goes…

Once it’s all melted, set aside to cool and add 75g of white chocolate, this will melt into the butter and you can stir it in when it’s all melted.


Whisk together 3 eggs with 300g light brown sugar. The recipe says to use muscovado sugar, but light brown sugar is extremely similar and works just as well.

Once it looks like this, pour in the melted butter and white chocolate mixture.


Then add 200g plain flour…

And mix well. Pour the mixture into the tin.

Chop up another 75g of white chocolate (or more if you like!)

And sprinkle on top, along with a punnet of raspberries. I would suggest adding more raspberries, as they tasted really good in the blondies.

Bake on 180C/Fan 160C/Gas Mark 4 for 40-45 minutes or until risen all over and golden on top. And my final tip: don’t get distracted watching a Sunday evening movie (It was E.T. incase you’re interested) and forget about your blondies, otherwise you get some overly caramelised edges…

These blondies were delicious and a big hit with my housemates despite the crispy edges! The tangyness of the raspberries along with the sweetness of the chocolate and the sponge was a tasty contrast. Give these a go, they are so simple, quick and easy to make!

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