Review: Eccles Farmers Market

For those of you that don’t know (which until a couple of weeks ago included me!) there is a farmer’s market in Eccles on the third Saturday of each month from 9:30am until 2:00pm. It’s also Salford Food & Drink Festival at the moment, so I decided upon discovering the existence of this farmer’s market I ought to get myself down to it and have a gander. Eccles is super easy to get to on the tram and the farmer’s market is a five minute walk from the tram stop.


It was hard not to miss Shirley’s pies! There were giant slabs of cheese and onion pie, a variety of generously sized pork pies, huge sausage rolls and tubs of pie gravy. My friend had one of the apple sauce topped pies in the bottom right corner of the photo and was very impressed. They seemed to be a very popular stall too with lots of people purchasing pies.


I love the cute polka dot labels on Well Pickled and Well Preserved’s jams and chutneys. They look fab! I commented on them to the stall owners and they were really pleased to hear so as they had spent ages picking them. An eye catching design can really make a big difference to a product.


I can never resist cheese! Leagram’s Organic Dairy had so many different varieties, including a cheese flavoured with Marmite (I love Marmite!) It was three cheeses for £5 so after much debating I got smoked cheese, a delicious red onion cheese, and a smoked garlic cheese. It was hard narrowing it down to three!


Was very tempted to buy these quail eggs but wouldn’t have a clue what to do with them… I need to research some recipes and go back next month! The same stall also had the biggest chicken’s eggs I’ve ever seen, they were massive!


Choco-lori had a very tempting stall but thoughts of an expanding waistline meant I only had a sample of the white chocolate fudge, it was fantastic though. Creamy, soft and melted in my mouth. Any of their products would be great for a gift as they are so well presented. Kids would love the chocolate dinosaurs!


Cupcakes! This company is called End of the Rainbow and the cupcakes are really cute and impressive. They are very generous with the buttercream which puts them in my good books! Plus their website is as pretty as their cakes!


Shaw Meats had a vast selection of different kinds of local and exotic meats. Despite being a big meat fan and carnivore enthusiast, there are plenty of meats that I haven’t yet sampled. I still haven’t tried rabbit, or pheasant. But my eye was caught by the more exotic meats on offer and I purchased wild venison, springbok, kangaroo and ostrich burgers. Eight burgers in total for £12.


Saturday night I cooked these all up with my housemates and we all tried the different meats. I’ve had kangaroo steak before when I was in Australia, but it tasted different in burger format. The venison was a very strong taste and I’m not sure I liked it on it’s own, but my housemates liked it a lot. My favourite was ostrich, I crumbled some of the red onion cheese I got onto it, some actual red onions, and the obligatory dollop of ketchup and thoroughly enjoyed my ostrich burger!

Other stalls at the market included fresh fruit, Port of Lancaster Smokehouse, Lancashire Black Puddings, and Oliviccio. Go check it out if you live in the Manchester area, next month’s is on the 20th October.

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