Things To Do With… Marzipan

Made by mixing sugar and ground almonds together, marzipan only tends to come out for holidays and celebrations. It’s most well known for being the layer between cake and icing on wedding and Christmas cakes. Although it is very well known throughout Europe and Asia, it doesn’t appear often in British baking, and I hadn’t used it until I made some Easter Simnel Cupcakes. I suspect a lot of you have leftover marzipan after making Simnel cakes at Easter! Wrapped it cling film it will stay fresh and leftovers can be used in one of the recipes I have selected below…

Stollen Muffins – Uses 60g Marzipan (or more if you double the batch!)
Easy to make muffins that embody all the flavours of stollen.


Honey & Orange Cupcakes – Uses 120g Marzipan (or more depending how many cupcakes you make)
Adorable marzipan bees top these delicious cupcakes, I recommend using honey from British bees if you can!

Cherry Traybake – Uses 250g Marzipan
This simple traybake recipe is decorated with colourful marzipan cherries, cut out using a icing plunger.

Swedish Princess Cake – Uses 440g Marzipan
This cake is quite complex and has lots of different elements, but it’s extremely delicious and worth the time and effort!

Easter Simnel Cupcakes – Uses 144g Marzipan
A perfect treat for Easter, with a ball of marzipan baked into the centre, plus you can decorate them in a variety of ways.

Battenberg – Uses 500g Marzipan
The traditional marzipan covered cake.

Golden Layered Simnel Cake – Uses 320g Marzipan
A modern layered twist on the traditional Easter cake, filled with delicious almond buttercream.

Other ideas from around the web:

The traditional one:
Battenberg Cake – Uses 500g Marzipan
Apparently Battenberg’s used to have nine squares in them, but now (thankfully!) they are made with four. This has been used as a technical challenge on The Great British Bake Off and is the same recipe I followed above.

The cupcake one:
Marzipan & Pear Cupcakes with Caramel Buttercream – Uses 240g Marzipan
These look absolutely gorgeous and are sure to impress!

The versatile one:
Easy Almond Cake – Uses 250g Marzipan
The Nigella recipe is simple to make and very versatile. I’m a sucker for raspberries, but you could use a variety of fruit as she suggests in the instructions, and decorate in a number of ways – be creative!

The fruity one:
Plum & Marzipan Cake – Uses 100g Marzipan
Plum seems to be a very popular ingredient (purely based on the fact that Plum Clafoutis is a very popular blog post of mine), I really want to make this and smother it in custard!

The simple one:
Marzipan Slice – Uses 115g Marzipan
Simple to make and perfect for almond lovers!

The European one:
Coconut & Marzipan Macaroons – Uses 500g Marzipan
These tasty little bites originate from the German city of Lübeck, popular for its marzipan.

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  1. or my way – eat it straight from the packet as a snack!!! so wrong but I love it! haha – some fab ideas here, and thoroughly recommend the easy almond cake by Nigella, made it for my mother-in-law and it was a treat! x

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