Tarte Tatin: The Rematch

After week #3 of GBBO I attempted to make my first tarte tatin. This will be forever known as “The Tarte Tatin Disaster”. Ever since this happened it has been playing on my mind. I needed to succeed in making this tarte, I needed to get it right.

Week #4 of GBBO brought with it more caramel and after my tarte disaster I was hesitant to make creme caramel, but tried it anyway, and with great result. I had conquered caramel! Maybe tarte tatin success was in my not so distant future?!

I recently made a Key Lime Pie and had doubled the pastry recipe to make sure I had enough. (See my Key Lime Pie post here for how to make the pastry.) There was enough leftover pastry to make a tarte tatin. I had apples in the cupboard. I had also found this great article about making the perfect tarte tatin and read it over a few times. I was ready.

First I put 200g caster sugar and 50ml of water into a pan and let it soak for a few minutes. Then I turned on a medium heat and let it bubble away until it turned golden. I took it off the heat and stirred in 50g butter and a pinch of salt. I put the apples (I used seven granny smith’s) into the pan round side down and put back on the heat for 5 minutes. Then I let it cool completely.

I rolled out my pastry onto a floured surface and put it over the apple, tucking in at the sides. I baked it on 200C/400F/Gas 6 for 30 minutes. Important tip: make sure your pan is over proof! This little nugget of information slipped my mind and the house smelt like burnt plastic for a while. The pan is ok though and survived it’s ordeal you’ll be pleased to know.

And ta-da!! I was so pleased when I turned it out of the pan and it looked like this! Golden, shiny, and well perfect looking if I do say so myself! Absolutely chuffed to pieces with this one. My first tarte tatin was black so you can understand my sheer giddyness and glee at this result. It tasted really good too, the apples were soft and sweet, and the pastry was well baked and crisp on the bottom. I can now rest easy knowing I have finally succeeded in making a perfect tarte tatin 🙂

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  1. SO glad to see your post as I've just a similar disaster to your first 'go'. Lots stuck in the pan – not quite as burnt as your photo but more like tooth-breaking toffee apple bits than a pud. Will try again using your method. Thank you.

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