Treat Petite Round Up – January 2014

This month’s theme for Treat Petite was ‘Free From’. Which meant any recipe that was sugar free, flour free, butter free, egg free… you get the picture! A standard baking ingredient is removed or replaced so that the recipe is either lighter in texture or has less calories. Or just tastes better! Ingredients could also be removed for allergy reasons, like gluten, wheat or dairy.

Our first entry was from Janine at Cake Of The Week with these gorgeously girly Pink Vanilla Macarons that are free from flour. She made the macarons to top her 23rd birthday cake and they are filled with a white chocolate ganache.

Kate at The Gluten Free Alchemist entered these gluten free Hazelnut & Chocolate-Orange Cakes. She is a big experimenter with gluten free options and used ground hazelnuts in this recipe resulting in a nutty and wholesome cake.

Ros from The More Than Occassional Baker submitted these Banana, Cranberry, Pecan Oat Muffins which are free from butter and plain flour. Instead she used wholemeal and a little spelt flour to make these muffins nice and healthy. She also used up some leftover ingredients from Christmas in her recipe.
Me and Ros have clearly been thinking along the same lines this month as I entered my Banana & Cranberry Breakfast Muffins. They are free from butter, versatile, freezable and the perfect grab ‘n’ go breakfast!
These delicious egg free Ginger Iced Shortbread are an entry from Laura from I’d Much Rather Bake Than…. I love the taste of ginger and the fudgey icing topping this buttery shortbread sounds divine!
My Treat Petite co-host, Stuart from Cakeyboi, entered his Homemade Sugar Free Cherry Lemonade Jelly Stripes. A sugar free and almost calorie free recipe, made using sugar-free cherry and lemon-lime
sodas, a guiltless treat!
The second entry from Ros at The More Than Occassional Baker are these Orange Squash Cupcakes. They are made with butternut squash and are free from butter and oil as well as being gluten free!
A stunning entry from Lou at Crumbs and Corkscrews with these butter-free Black Forest Brownie Stacks. Don’t they look gorgeous?! They are healthier because low fat mayonnaise is used as a fat substitute, and a shot of fresh coffee to the recipe eliminates any mayonnaise taste, baking science at it’s best!
These Apple, Pear and Raspberry Yoghurt Muffins are from Ros at The More Than Occassional Baker. Store cupboard ingredients were used in this recipe which is free from butter, oil, fat and plain flour. They are packed full of fruit and Ros also added some fudge and chocolate chips as a treat!
Grace from Life Can Be Simple submitted her Flourless Chocolate Cake which she made to celebrate her 5 year wedding anniversary. This is super healthy and suitable for mot diets as it is sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free, paleo-friendly, dairy-free, soy-free and corn-free. Her husband loved it and ate his piece very quickly!

These bitesize treats are gluten free Hot Stuff Bitesize Brownies with Oaxacan Smoked Chilli Honey submitted by Sarah from Maison Cupcake. I love the different decorations on these spicy treats, made with Gran Luchito honey and decorated with gold leaf. Very luxurious!

The final entry is these gluten and dairy free Coconut Marshmallow Crispie Slices are from Ruth at Makey-Cakey. She used coconut oil instead of butter and marshmallows and peanut butter make the slices sticky and delicious. They were devoured by a group of teenagers, so these are a perfect treat for a hungry family or group of friends!

What a great round up of tasty and healthy treats! Thank you to everyone who took part! For the full recipes and to pass on the praise if you try out any of the petite treats above, head on over to the blogs involved. Keep an eye out for February’s theme annoucement soon from Cakeyboi!

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