Things To Do With… Leftover Semolina

I recently made some foccacia bread and the recipe called for semolina. So I bought a big box of it. Now I have leftover semolina in my cupboard! I hate wasting food so I always try and find ways to use up ingredients whenever I can.

What is Semolina?

As you can see from the picture above it is most commonly used as a type of pudding (similar to rice pudding). If you add milk to semolina and heat it up you get the pudding, which is well known from school dinner days of the past here in the UK. Semolina is actually a type of flour. It’s not used often in modern British cuisine, but is very popular in India and other parts of Asia for various desserts. The Italians use semolina when making gnocchi, pasta and some breads. In general it can be used a a substitute for part of the flour in most recipes for cakes and biscuits to change the texture of the final product.

Leftover Semolina Recipes

I’ve had a look around the web for some recipe ideas and here are my favourites…

Nan Khatai (Indian biscuits) Baked Apples in Semolina Souffle Semolina Shortbreads
Uses 2 tbsp of Semolina Uses 70g of Semolina Uses 75g Semolina
Baked Semolina Gnocchi Peach Semolina Cake Lemon Semolina Cake
Uses 100g of Semolina Uses 100g Semolina Uses 133g Semolina
Orange Semolina Cupcakes Baked Strawberry Pudding Semolina Cake with Orange Honey Syrup
Uses 135g Semolina Uses 180g Semolina Uses 200g Semolina
Semolina Cake with Blueberry Compote Almond Coconut Semolina Cake Moroccan Semolina Flatbread
Uses 250g Semolina Uses 400g of Semolina Uses 400g Semolina

Let me know in the comments if you make any of these recipes and how they turn out!

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More leftover ideas…

Stem Ginger Wholemeal Flour Zested Lemons, Limes & Oranges

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