Things To Do With… Leftover Wholemeal Flour


Wholemeal flour (not to be confused with whole-wheat flour) contains all of the wheat grain and is packed with fibre, protein, minerals and vitamins. Unlike regular white flour, nothing is lost during the processing of wholemeal flour and all the goodness is retained. We often choose brown wholemeal bread over white bread when we are dieting or trying to live a healthier lifestyle. And there is good reason to as wholemeal flour is a good source of calcium and iron. It doesn’t keep as long as white flour, but I have made and found some yummy recipes to use it in which will ensure you won’t have it sitting around for long…

Staffordshire Oatcakes – Uses 100g Plain Wholemeal Flour
I made these oatcakes using savoury fillings, but you can fill them with anything you like. They can be vegetarian and even vegan if you don’t use cow’s milk in the batter. And they don’t contain butter or eggs. The ultimate versatile recipe!

Courgette, Linseed & Lemon Muffins – Uses 50g Self Raising Wholemeal Flour
An adaptation on a Cat Dresser recipe, these are a great way to eat seeds and vegetables without realising it!

Banana & Cranberry Breakfast Muffins – Uses 75g Plain Wholemeal Flour
Filling, tasty and best of all not
overly sweet, perfect for morning snacking. They are also dairy free.

Carrot & Orange Cake – Uses 100g Self Raising Wholemeal Flour
I made this for my mum for Mother’s Day and she loved it, the cake is really moist and delicious.

Other ideas from around the web:

The obvious one
Traditional Wholemeal Bread – Uses 500g Strong Wholemeal Bread Flour
Making home made bread can be really satisfying and this wholemeal bread recipe is simple, easy to follow and delicious!

The breakfast one
Wholemeal Apple Pancakes – Uses 110g Wholemeal Flour
Pancakes is one thing I definitely crave when I’m dieting as I love making them at weekends, this recipe is a healthier twist and I will be trying these out soon.

The cake one
Toffee Apple Cake – Uses 115g Self Raising Wholemeal Flour
This gorgeous warming recipe from Paul Hollywood would be perfect with custard, or creme fraiche.

The love it or hate it one
Cheese & Marmite Scones – Uses 140g Plain Wholemeal Flour
If you love Marmite, like me, you will love these savoury scones!

The dinner time one
Wholemeal Pizza Base – Uses 300g Strong Wholemeal Flour
There are a lot of pizza base recipes out there but it took me a while to find one with UK measurements. This sounds delicious, especially if you have a stuffed crust, and you can use whichever toppings you prefer.

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  1. I love using wholemeal and spelt flour in my baking – it gives a different taste and texture and lends itself well to fruity bakes particularly muffins. I can imagine a pizza crust would be good too.

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