Things To Do With… Leftover Black Treacle

Black Treacle is one of those ingredients that you use a little bit of to make parkin or Christmas pudding, and then half a tin of it sits in your cupboard (usually hidden at the back!) until the year after. But there are so many other exciting, delicious and interesting recipes you can also use in it! I’ve featured some of the recipes I’ve made with leftover black treacle below and also gathered some other ideas from around the internet you may like to try…


Courgette & Pepper Bruschetta Chocolate Treacle Sandwich Cake Lyle’s Beany Goulash
Uses 1 tbsp Black Treacle Uses 2 tbsp Black Treacle Uses 2 tbsp Black Treacle
Gingerbread & Apple Muffins Cardamom & Black Treacle Ice Cream Sticky Toffee Pudding
Uses 2 tbsp Black Treacle Uses 2 tbsp Black Treacle Uses 2 1/2 tbsp Black Treacle
Christmas Pudding Cake Sticky Treacle Apple Pudding Pecan Treacle Tart
Uses 3 tbsp Black Treacle Uses 3 tbsp Black Treacle Uses 40g Black Treacle
Gateau Moeleux au Chocolat Treacle Scones Mixed Seed Rye Bread
Uses 50g Black Treacle Uses 60g Black Treacle Uses 75g Black Treacle
Spiced Lebkuchen Parkin Cupcakes with Toffee Buttercream & Popping Candy Parkin
Uses 100g Black Treacle Uses 100g Black Treacle Uses 100g Black Treacle
Treacle Toffee Chewy Treacle Cookies Dark Treacle Tart
Uses 115g Black Treacle Uses 120g Black Treacle Uses 125g Black Treacle
Ginger & Lemon Cake
Chocolate Treacle Sheet Cake Oaty Spiced Treacle Muffins Ginger & Lemon Cake
Uses 130g Black Treacle Uses 140g Black Treacle Uses 140g Black Treacle
Treacle Flapjacks Spiced Gingerbread Pudding Ginger & Treacle Spiced Traybake
Uses 175g Black Treacle Uses 200g Black Treacle Uses 200g Black Treacle
  Gingerbread Bonfire Cake
 Gingerbread Cake with Orange Icing Treacle Gingerbread Loaf Gingerbread Bonfire Cake with Salted Caramel Sauce
 Uses 225g Black Treacle Uses 250g Black Treacle Uses 340g Black Treacle

Let me know in the comments if you make any of these recipes and how they turn out!

More ideas for leftovers…

Christmas Leftovers Jam Egg yolks

Leftover black treacle

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  1. Funny you should post this…I was just looking at recipes for using up my black treacle, this very afternoon! I settled on the gingerbread option! I like your other ideas too! 🙂

  2. Love these ideas but think you missed a trick here. My initial thought on reading the title involved David Beckham's thighs. Can't believe the thought didn't occur to you!

  3. Great Title ! Sarah where's the blog link? ! Meanwhile I'm for the orange icing on the gingerbread but if you fancy a different nibble there's a recipe on my blog for a tangy parkin and what about making a gingerbread house and people for Christmas. Happy Baking !

  4. I don't have enough black treacle for my gingerbread. Is there a sugar I can use instead and if so, how much would I need to use instead of 1.5 lbs of black treacle? I don't have any molasses and can't get to any shops.

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